Purity of surfing

A bunch of the southcentral crew are really getting into the kite surfing on a surfboard scene. No straps, pure surfing, it makes onshore waves like middleton and goolwa feel like riding Granites, Caves, Blacks, you name it. You can pick out the waves you want and cruise upwind in winds from 12 knots up with pure comfort.
Drop into a nice pitching wave and with the extra kite speed grunt along like you are riding Pea'hi North Shore Hawaii, speed around the white water and line up another section. Last weekend at Goolwa Murf, Doc and Daz were catching massive rides on the 4-5ft swell from right out the back 400mts into the shore break, at full speed or cut back and let out the power on the North Rebel and you are pure surfing.
Then the wind picked up to 20 knots and it was twin tip action, Rob and Daz rode it till sunset, brilliant

Points for kitesurfing surfboard style:
- although many want to go with foot straps and this is certainly a good method, it is totally different to pure surfing on a surfboard with the purity of grabing a surfboard and just jumping on it and riding. - use heapd and heaps of wax, really get the board with wax nobs all over it, as you are frequently 'light footed' and lifted off the deck and you need to land back on it with grip. (personally I don't like deck grip and wax is my trip, you decide for yourself)- absolutely NO leg ropes, NO WAY, NO HOW, if you get wiped out and loop your kite you don't want to have that board sling shot into you, Don't even think about it. (this is true for all kite surfing - ditch the leg rope before it puts a board into your back.- Murf and Daz have been trying a grab rope instead, a rope that is NOT attached to you but only your board. Sometimes you just need to hold the board and let the white water go over you. This rope make for holding the board easier, and you can just let it go. I decided to take the knots out of it to save it catching on you or your geat and the grip on the rope is quite reasonable.- be prepared for the slam that waves will give you, it is surprising how much white water you can ride over done properly on the way out through surf, it is also quite surprising the slam you can get too, and you have kite lines to be aware of as well, be 'surf fit'.

2010 3 years since:

Well its interesting as I found this old report and looked at how we (and you out there) have gone into the surf scene so heavilly that wake style has almost gone from the southcentral crew. Its still reigns strong and good luck to the freestylers but now we are totally into the waves. Surfboard strapped and unstrapped offer so much fun, the stronger winds and bigger waes the strapped boards are really nice, massive carves, huge sprays and big wind. Unstrapped has become a real scene of its own and certainly is a lot of fun especially on small light days but you can still hold down a strong wind and good size wave. There is a bit of a division between the 2 in competition and we still don't have a definite degree of difficulty, or concenus on if we should have a DD on the 2 at all. What is certain is its all good fun.

With the development of the North Kontact from the Rocket Fish and using strapless surfboards like the firewires and my JS (point being you can ride anything really) there is no shortage of varety and equipment for all conditions.

the North Kontact just takes such huge conditions, serious big chopped up waves and beds the rail ini sweet. Confidence like this with a directional kiteboards has progressed the sport so far in such a short time.

Middleton early March 2007
Goolwa 17.03.2007