Up at the Sparrow Fart

+ Scramble at Aldinga

Well the call was on for a really early Kent, Terry was there and on the water at, wait for it........................ 5.30, ..... yes that's am. Big Dave and Daz just got there at 6.45 - 7.00, only slightly early, but with the squally conditions Tezza was handling then with a total glass off and swim in to end his hour and a quater on the water, we decided to wait out the conditions.
The wait was worth it once Upwind Rob rocked in and the conditions settled into some nice 15 - 20 knots southerly, out the back and into it.
The Doctor and Sam hit the water with the Doc on the fridge door (Naish Custom wide board) 139 x,..... yes that's it 46.5, a demo from Onboard. The doctor was up wind in about 2 runs. Later when I tried the board is was great, sure it felt big at fist but after a while it was quite comfortable and you could almost go straight in to the wind. It felt good through the chop and could handle speed, the best thing was the pop and it actually felt light in the air.
Great wind when it was there, sorry Andy got there too late

Then Sunday looked light on and Kyle called a super sea breeze, rush to Aldinga and the bay was totally capped out, 17 - 22 knots WSW it was on. As usual with Aldinga the sea breeze comes on you fast and it leaves you fast, by 4.00 pm it was gone, and that was daylight saving time.
Man it was good when it lasted though, good call Kyle, Murf and Daz appreciated it.
Aldinga Seabreeze this early? interesting precident.
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Some Big Rebel air out the back reef
Board of muscle
The new naish foot straps
Sparrow Fart
Sparrow Fart rain squall
Daz takes off
Murfy lit in the chop
The black Rhino
Kyle pops off some chop
Rebel 12m cookin'
Murf and the fish sock
The Aldinga Seabreeze Scramble