Had a great familly / kitesurfing surfing trip down the South East in January 2008. Mainly landed at Beachport Rivoli Bay and kitesurfed the great little surf beach area. Got into a nice big local surf too which was really nice.
Rivoli Bay is a great set up as the sea breeze means you can launch from the Caravan Park and kite across to the surf and if the wind drops off it is not that far back. Alternatively 4wd onto the beach or launch from the surf beach area (just keep away fro the surfers in the middle).
There are also plenty of options for other wind as the bay wraps around and allows for a side onshore no matter what South/ South East  - West. The other option is a Northerly wind down the southern end of the bay.
Most sea breeze or southerly pattern days you should be able to get reasonable side onshore.
A couple of good local crew adds to the fun.


Camping at Robe Bush Camp
Launching at Long Beach Robe
Rivoli Bay Beachport
Rough onshores along the Australian Coast
Salmon Hole area for the family - Beachport
Salmon Hole
L:ocal Crew Beachport
Freestyle fishin at Rivoli Bay Beachport
Great line up at Rivoli Bay
Great line up at Rivoli Bay