Well its not like us to miss a party, so down to Victor Harbor for Schoolies it was and into the weekend winds. Sat saw great sea breezes and sunday south east pattern of nice winds.
Some big air on Saturday and wave riding way out the back on sunday.
Syksie went over to shark alley on the mal.
Murf had the maiden flight of his new North Rebel 12m, sweet as.
Picture Perfect Rebel 12m Encounter Bay
So syksie, thought you could stop me getting on the webiste hey, well %$#@ you pal here I am, man!  Girl Power! and you will take me kiting again buddy.
Sushi Babes hits the beach
That's a big arse
board brother!
Phew it's $$$@@&% hot behind this glass. Hey Syksie get me a drink.
Daz goes big
Big Dave hooks along on the Fuel
Kyle goes big
Kyle and Andy
Murfs new Rebel
Sushi's surfing partner
Sam getting air
And some at Middleton
Go sister, Girl Power