Got to fly the new Slingshot Rev 2008  11m.

Syksie has had the kite out quite a few times in variable winds from light to super strong and is totally sold with every aspect of this kite, having come from a dedicated fuel history.

I will need to link you off to a review on as it pretty well has been all said. All I can confirm from the light wind session that I had was confirmation of the light bar pressure, fast turning and low end power. The kite did have a really strong apparent wind and seemed to be able to convert gusts into power quickly.

The decisions we are coming down to with North Rebel 08, Cabrinha Switchblade and Slingshot Rev that I have tested is personal preference.

These 08 kites are extremely nice in performance, but with slight differences in feel and in particular hardware. The Rev has a 4 line bridle set up with variable safety options including bar end rings and one bridle line flag out through the bar hole to the chicken loop.

From the short light wind session I had I was very impressed with the kite and it really did have great turning speed. I was very dissapointed that the wind had dropped off so didn't get to test it properly.

I did get to test the relaunch after underflying in light winds and the kite easily relauched in the light winds by grabbing a handfull of steering line and brining it to the window. Hopefully I will get another test and be able to add to it soon. In the mean time have a look at this review Rev reviews

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