Pigtails and 5th line
It is critical to check the lengths of the LE pigtails for the main lines. Take them off and check they are the same length. Then tie a granny knot in each at the end where the existing knot is (Detail B) and push this new knot hard against the existing granny knot. This effectively shortens the LE wingtip mainline pigtails by 30mm but in effect actually lengthens the 5th line length from the Y by 30mm which is the intent.
This opens the kite up a little and gives it more stability.
Where the 5th line goes through the Y (Detail A) check that the sheath on the 5th line (blue) where it goes through a small yoke attached to the  Y lines (red and black) passes in and out with no resistance. If it catches it stands the chance of being caught and potentially shortenging the 5th by 10mm.
If this is the case then some water proof tape can be wrapped around the sheath tightly to stop it catching. check that it slides in and out easily.
Steering lines - All models should get this check
Check the lines are all equal length (the lines on the bar) by placing them on a nail, power up the strap and pull the bar into the micro hook. From the factory setting these lines should all be equal.
You may find that the steering lines are quite slack, in this position from factory, None of the Rebels fly like this, in the powered up (strap out and bar pulled back towards the micro hook (but about 50mm from it), the lines should be even - tight. If you pull and hook into the microhook with the 7m the centre line (main lines) should actually be slightly slack and the steering lines tight. (normally this would be considered over tensioned in a regular kite, this is not so for the Rebel 7m)
Once you have checked this then you need to do the following (as of 27-12-2006)
Test the kite in this position (without change) with an assistant, you should find the kite steering lines very slack and the kite should be landed. Then to fix:
Move the bar line attachment to the closest knot to the bar (set 3 knots up to bar) this is the one under the float.
Now on the leader line (detail C) make and extra knot between the furthest knot from the bar and the next closest one. this effectively shortens the steering lines by 1/2 a knot, plus the shortening of 3 knots.
You are effectiely shortening the 2 kite steering lines by 3 & 1/2 knots
Bar this way. These knots are under the float. the 7, 9 and 12m all seem to need the knot closest to the bar setting. the variable adjustment is on the leader lines where the spectra steering line attaches to them.
Same knot shown- under float settings for 7, 9 and 12m kites
Tape added if sheath would catch
Extra Knot pushed to existing knot. seems to be necessary for the 7m and although we have not used it on the 9m rumour has it that it will help the 9m too
Extra Knot pushed to existing knot
Move and retie reef knot half wan down to next knot
The existing knot is here which is too far from the bar and the next knot is too close for the 9m. however this full next knot position is working well for my 7m and a 9m
Micro hook in this position means lines all tensioned.
After setting changes. this is with all lines tight. if you pull the bar further in  to the microhook the main lines should go slacker. in fact with the 7m a touch further away from the hook is good, this is as close as I would want the bar to the micro hook with tight lines in the powered up position.
These tips are for experienced kiters
Get lessons if you are learning or unsure of these settings. This is for additional tuning information as I have found on my kite.
Your kite may be different. Many people find tuning their kites like this works well, most kite may not need it at all. Rider weight and local conditions all affect the need too.
Note: From more flying and adjustment these settings seem to work for us also with the 9m Rebel. In fact I have now flow the 7m better with these 2 procedures: 1. Pump the LE up to 8-9 psi (warning manufactuer says 6 - do this at your own risk,) the kite flys super nice, I would suggest with the 9m you try 7 - 8 psi first.
2. you can use even another knot off the steering lines than here suggested. The half extra knot I mention here is good for the 9m but I think the 7m is better with total of 4 knots shorter on steering (3 under the float closer to the bar and 1 leader line shorted attached to spectra line - move this closer to bar one full knot, this should mean in depower position of strap, all lines steering and main lines tight with bar pulled in about 15 - 20 cm away from microhook lock in
Go to the North Webiste and check that your pigtails are all the correct lenth - go to Rebel specifications there is a table there with the measurements
More info on Rebels: Southcentralkiteboarders home