Kite review : North "Rebel" 16
Chris (the doc) Procter

Dudes!.....Rebels Rule!! This is a fact of kiting life, which is galvanised at that moment when you pull the power on and enter the realm of the Rebel experience! Nirvana Baby!!!

The 16 Rebel is of the same construction, layout and materials as the other Rebel sizes. Bar & lines are the same size, settings and adjustments as other sizes also. The transition between kite sizes is seamless.

The 16 is physically larger and therefore, as expected, has slower reaction and turning times. This however is not as slow as a larger conventional C-kite. Just think one move ahead and you'll still be totally ON every manoeuvre.

Bigger to handle, sure they are, but once in the air they look and feel similar to smaller kites. The 7 is very quick, the 12 is the best all-round performer, and the 16 is the light wind grunt master.

Pulling power is awesome with big air, boosts and hang-time to match its size and pure grunt. Bar pressure is moderate and does not fatigue arms and shoulders. From a steady 10 knot breeze to 20++, you remain fully in control. Just slot it low in the window and power upwind. Steady and not flighty, with the same relaunch capabilities as other Rebels. Top summer sea breeze kite for your quiver!!
Dazza's review

I got to test the Docs 16m out in some 10 knot winds, at max the wind gusts were 12 knots. Having just been on the 12m Rebel I hooked straight into the Docs 16m. Immediately the lift in the kite was apparent. more grunt, very steady on the beach and I used the same board, my Underground flx 128x38.
I was lit (68 kg rider) and I mean lit, I was edging hard and picking up speed. The kite gave me max power in these very marginal conditions.

Tricks, perfection, the kite remains steady but you can ease the bar in and out depending on your rotation and entry to power or depower. It felt sometimes like, ..  lift, do the backroll slow, continue hovering until you felt like landing, turn into the final part of the move, let the bar out and come in on the water again. For wake board tricksters, no issues with this kite.
unlooked would be easy, I don't kite unhooked but the kite can easliy be set up for it.

Riding off the stopper provides C kite feel if that is what you want, for me full bar in and out depower it preferred, but up to the rider.

Turning speed, okay it is not whippy, it turns slower than the 12m of course, this is what you would expect. I think it turns much better than a similar 16m C kite, and we did not try it on the faster settings for turning. It turned fine, you just have to pull the bar that fraction earlier. I was able to do nice jumps and simple transitions to bring the kite back over.

It is a big kite but does not feel big to fly. In the air you feel confident that it will stay up and it is not heavy. It also provides up wind force rather than just down wind drag which I have felt other large kites do I have ridden.

I like this kite, if you are looking for a low end grunter then look no further.

It will provide kiting in the lightest of wind and therefore for me would mean never needing anything bigger which would not perform like this baby.

Super kite, good work Nort, the Rebel boys are lovin it

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Dazza's 12m and the Docs 16m
Dazza jumps with the 16m on the naish sutom wide, talk about light wind combination
16m on the beach
Doc cooks on the 16m Rebel