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Wow what a privilege, I was totally super stoked to meet our very own Australian Layne Beachley the 7 times world champion surfer, yes 7 world titles.

Coastal Watch were holding a surf competition 'Surf for Life' with Layne in attendance promoting the Starlight Foundation.

I was lucky enough to get some photos with Layne and a board signing which I was super stoked with. Layne was really busy with lots of attention from the crowd and clearly made time for everyone.

Layne is such a super ambassador for surfing and Starlight so I made a small donation to the Starlight Foundation as I would have paid thousands for the honour of meeting her anyway.

It was a really hot day and there was no surf at Waits, can you believe it, one of the few days ever in the year when waits is 1 foot on the sets.