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South Central Kiteboarders report on reviews from testing equipment from Onboard or from the equipment which we own.

Please note that these reviews are NOT comparisons or technical, they are just us having a blast and letting you know what it was like. Ultimately it is about personal preference and you have to make your purchase decision for yourself. Also the reports are for more experienced kiters and we do not report on how a kite would suit a beginner, check with Onboard

Note: Kite equipment runs on a summer year, equipment is released for the year for example 2008 usually in Oct for 2007. Therefore you will see this years equipment is 2007 but we already have our hands on 2008 as it has just been released.


Stay safe and enjoy!

AlMerrick Fishcuit Review

North Evo 2010 Kite Review


Firewire Alternator 6'8"

North Rebel 2010

North Kontact Board 2009

North Rebel 2009

Switchblade 4 2009

Cabrinha 5'3" S Quad 2008

North Freestyle Fish 2008

Naish Stand up Paddle Board 2008

Cabrinha Switchblade 3 2008 12m

Slingshot Rev review 2008

North Rebel 2008  10m, 12m, 14m

Naish Boxer
2004 9m

Naish Torch 12m 2006

Naish Raven 10m - 14m 2007

Airush Halo 10m 2006

North Rebel 16m 2007

North Rebel 12m 2007

North Rebel 9m 2007

North Rebel 7m 2007

Underground flx 128 x 38 2007

Naish Thorn 2007

Naish Custom Wide 139 x 46.5 2007

Rebel Tuning Tips - 2007
Equipment tested is either our own or borrowed from
Onboard Surf Wind Snow