Check out our equipment reviews listed below. report on equipment from mostly our own gear we have bought. We cometimes get our hands on some gear from Onboard as well.
Please note that the reviews are personal opinions and generally you have to make up your own minds which will be possibliy quite different to ours. Ultimately its about personal preference, and the reviews are for experienced kiters.
We accept reviews from guests too so feel free to submit information to us on the forum.
Kite equipment runs on a summer year, a 2010 kite is normally released in the later part of 2009 for example.
You kitesurf at your own risk so stay safe


North Pro-Series Board

North Rebel 2013

North Rebel and North WAM board 2012

Firewire Dominator 6'2" update and video

North Rebel 2011 - 11m

Firewire Dominator

Al Merrick Fishcuit

North Evo Kite 2010

Luke Egan Surfboard

Firewire Alternator 6'8"

North Rebel Kite 2010

North Kontact 2009

North Rebel 2009

Switchblade 4

Cabrinha S-Quad 2008

North Freestyle Fish 2008

Cabrinha Switchblade 3

Slingshot Rev 2008

North Rebel 2008

North Rebel 16m 2007 review

North Rebel 12m 2007

North Rebel Tuning tips 2007 models only